6 Ways To Help Your Man When He’s Having A Hard Time

Men have hard times just like women do and they can be stressed out too. They just do a much better job of hiding it! But the important thing to remember is that men and women are very, very different when it comes to how they handle stress. So here are 6 ways to handle your boyfriend when he’s stressed out, struggling, or having a hard time in life. 

Let him have his space 

Like I mentioned, men and women are very different when it comes to handling stress. While most women want to be comforted, men like to have their space to sort through things on their own. So let him have his space and don’t take his need for space personally. It has nothing to do with you. If you know he’s stressed and he gets distant from you, don’t freak out. This is completely normal. 

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Encourage time with his friends

As hard as this may be to swallow, spending time with his friends may be better for him during this time than spending all of his time with you. When a man is with his friends he can just chill and be a total guy which allows him to relax. When he’s with you he takes on the role of being “the man,” the protector, and the provider and that’s natural. When he’s feeling overwhelmed he needs to remove himself from that position so he can get his head back in the game. Remember, this has everything to do with him being a man, not his love for you. 

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Be as happy as possible

If you allow your man’s stress to bring you down, it’ll only prolong his stress. If he sees that your down now too it’ll just stress him out even more and make things worse. Instead of letting it get to you, force yourself to be as happy-go-lucky as possible. Whenever you’re around your man put a big smile on your face and be yourself. Crack jokes, laugh, and lighten up the mood. It’ll be on of the best things you can do for him. Plus it’ll help bring him closer to you. 

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Help him without telling him you’re helping him

If you let your man know that you’re trying to help him, it’ll make him feel like less of a man and make it worse. Instead, do sweet things for him, but shut up about it. Rub his back, make his favorite dinner, or buy an extra case of his favorite beer. Do these thing without mentioning your reasoning behind it. It’ll cheer him up without making him feel like less than he is. 

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Don’t push the issue

Men don’t always like to talk about their issues. They keep them bottled up and they like it that way. That doesn’t mean that your boyfriend doesn’t trust you or that he can’t confide in you. He knows he can, but he’s a guy so it’s natural for him to bottle it all up. Feel free to ask how he’s doing and check in on him, but if he doesn’t seem interested in opening up, just drop it. Pushing the issue will only push him farther away. 

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Build his ego

This is another way to help him out and it’s a big one; build his ego up. Mention how sexy   he looks when he takes his shirt off, touch him more intimately, initiate sex, casually mention what an amazing father he was while he put the kids to bed tonight, or how much you appreciate him taking out the garbage after dinner. Build him up behind the scenes and it’ll really help him out! 

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