Myth Buster: Size Matters

One of the biggest misconceptions about the sexual aspect of a relationship is that the site of a man’s penis is super important to women. It’s almost as important as the size of his house, the luxury of his car, and the number of Benjamins in his bank account. 

From my own personal experience, I’ve learned that size can be one of a man’s biggest insecurities, especially knowing you’ve been with other men before them. They begin to wonder if they’re big enough, if they’re really satisfying you, and how they compare to the men from your past. 

Men, listen up. If the woman you’re interested in is decent, then SHE DOESN’T CARE! Seriously, guys. If she truly loves you, you treat her well, you make her laugh, you care for her, and you’re just good to her in general, the last thing she’s worried about is your dick. A good woman won’t believe that “bigger is better.” She’ll be more concerned about how you treat her. She’s much more focused on the love aspect. 

If she is that concerned with the size of your manhood, then you should definitely be reevaluating your relationship because chances are, she’s in it for the sex and doesn’t have an emotional connection to you. That is a reflection of who she is, not you, so don’t let that reflect back on yourself. 

Trust me. I know from experience. 

The guy I was with before my boyfriend was very… well-endowed, to say the least. The sex was pretty satisfying physically, but besides that, I was bored. It meant absolutely nothing to me because I didn’t love him. We liked each other and it was physical, but that was literally it. It never went any farther than that. We just weren’t a good match.  

My boyfriend, on the other hand, is average physically, but emotionally, he is SO much more. The sex is incredible. I’m even more physically satisfied because he satisfies me emotionally first. The sex means something because we’re in love, and that is the difference. The sex with the other guy wasn’t all that comfortable because there was no connection, but with my boyfriend I am free to be myself and have fun in the bedroom. 

We are both free to express ourselves sexually in a loving environment. We can experiment knowing that we’re in a safe, judgement-free zone. That makes the experience so much better. When you have that connection, you look forward to every tiny detail of making love including the foreplay and the post-sex cuddling, instead of cold, rigid sex with someone who you have no connection with. 

Just believe me when I say that you care about size way more than she does, so don’t sweat it. Just relax, be confident, and enjoy yourself. 

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