6 Ways To Show Your Boyfriend That You Trust Him

Trust can be a difficult thing to overcome in a relationship, but if you have any intentions of having a long lasting and happy relationship, then trust is key. It is incredibly important for your boyfriend to know that you trust him, or least for him to feel like you do (even if you’re secretly struggling inside). It makes him feel confident in his decision to be with you when you show him that level of respect. By being distrusting towards him you’re putting down his character as a human being and as a man. 

If you’ve had trust issues in your relationship whether it’s due to your boyfriend’s past mistakes or experiences from your past including exes or a difficult childhood, then you have a pretty rough mountain to climb, but it is possible to get where you need to be in order to create a strong relationship. Even if you do struggle with trust, practice the tips below and eventually trust will feel more natural for you and you’ll help to create a stronger bond between you and your man. 

Don’t go through his phone

If you want to maintain trust in your relationship, never snoop through your boyfriend’s stuff! This includes his phone, emails, social media accounts, and even his sock drawer. Just resist the snooping all together. Of course it’ll ease your mind to find that he’s completely innocent, but once you begin getting your reassurance purely because you’re snooping, it’ll be addictive. Get used to gaining your reassurance through open communication, honesty, and trust. It’ll only benefit both of you in the long run. 

Also, keep in mind what an incredible invasion of privacy it is to go snooping. It’ll make him feel like he’s being watched and it’ll only lead to resentment later on. 

Quit stalking his social media

Yes. I’m serious. I know cyber stalking is a popular way to keep tabs on your man, but resist it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow him on snapchat or you need to de-friend him on Facebook, but you don’t need to refresh the page 87 times a day to see what he’s been tagged in or what he’s been posting. If you’re wondering what’s going on, just give him a call, or shoot him a text to say hey. You don’t have to be sneaky about things. You’re a girlfriend, not an FBI agent, so don’t treat him like a criminal. 

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Don’t cling to him in public

A great way to show your trust is to give him some space when you’re in public. You don’t have to pounce on him the second an attractive girl walks into the room. Continue your conversation or go grab another drink. Kiss him in public and hold his hand simply because you want to show your love and affection to him, not to everyone else in the room. 

I know my man loves it when I get close to him in public. We hold each other close because we want to show each other off in a way that says “hey, this is my baby right here! Look how lucky I am!” We want to show each other off because we’re proud of each other, not because we lack trust.

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Let him make his own decisions

Most of the time when you hear the word trust in reference to a relationship, you think about trusting that your boyfriend is faithful to you, but you need to trust him with a lot more than that. You should also trust him enough to make the right decisions. Of course he won’t always make the best decisions in life, but he needs to know that you have his back and that you’ll always support him. Of course you can offer your own loving advice, but remember that if it’s not done gently, he may just believe that you don’t trust that he’s capable of being the man that you need. 

Give him his space

If you cling to him 24/7, blow up his phone when you’re apart, and can’t stand the thought of him spending time with anyone besides you, then he’s going to suffocate in the relationship. Let him know that you trust him by encouraging him to spend some time alone, or go out with his friends. The more you encourage his freedom, the more he’ll love and appreciate you.

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Stop interrogating him

If he went out with the guys the night before, there’s nothing wrong with asking about it; what they did, who was there, and if they had fun. But, you should be asking out of curiosity and because you truly want to know about his night, not because you’re looking for him to slip up and try to catch him red-handed. There is a big difference between curiosity and interrogation. If he feels like he’s being interrogated, he’ll wonder what the hell he could be doing so wrong in the relationship to make you feel so suspicious and that won’t end well for either of you. 

Questions For You

Do you have trust issues? How do you try to show your man that you trust him? Men, how can a woman prove that she trusts you?

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