13 Traits That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

Ladies, relationships are tough and it’s even tougher if you’ve got some really negative traits that are bringing your relationship down. Check out this list of 14 traits that men find really unattractive in a woman. 


Men love and need their space. Whether it’s alone time to just sit around watching sports in their boxers or going out with the guys, they need space away from you and the relationship. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true. By blowing up his phone when you’re apart and expecting every second of his free time to revolve around you, it’ll only end up pushing him away.

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Gold Digger

If a man knows that you’re just after him for his money or other materialistic reasons, he’s going to lose interest real fast. If you love your man for know he is, a trip to McDonald’s and walk around the park should be considered a date. If it’s about the man you’re with, all that should matter is the time you spend together; not how many fancy dinner dates he can afford or how much jewelry he can buy you. 


If a man feels like he is living his life controlled by his girlfriend, he’ll only be able to stick around for so long. A healthy relationship gives both people the freedom to live their separate lives and be themselves, while still sharing their lives together.

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If a man can’t even speak to another woman without his girlfriend losing her mind with jealousy, he’ll get sick of it quickly. As long as he’s respectful to you and your relationship, you should have no reason not to let him interact with other women. Put your jealousy to the side and just trust your man.

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Nobody likes a dirty little liar. If he catches you in a lie about anything, then it can be detrimental to your relationship. Remember to always remain honest, no matter how difficult the truth can be at times. 

Rude & Disrespectful

If he takes you out and you’re rude to the waiter or you’re constantly giving his friends and family an attitude, that’ll be a really bad sign for him. He needs a woman who will be kind and polite to those around her, even if that’s not what you’re feeling inside. 


Selfishness is not a pretty trait on anybody. Yes, the woman will want to be with a man who provides in the relationship, but he needs to be taken care of too. You should be just as giving and generous as he is. Selflessness is an extremely important act of kindness in any relationship. Remember that you should both be trying to give more than you receive. 

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If you’re the type of girl to refuse to let her man see her without makeup or in her sweatpants, he’s going to get bored and wonder why you won’t open up to him. For him to know that your’e the one, he’s going to have to know that you’re comfortable enough to bare your true self in front of him. 

Also, you can’t always expect him to look perfect either. Just because you don’t want to kick back with your sweatpants on doesn’t mean that he can’t. If your relationship is healthy, it should about so much more than your looks.

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Self-conscious & Insecure

This goes hand in hand with the point that I made above. If you refuse to let your man see who you really are beneath the smile, the makeup, and even your clothes, he can’t truly fall in love with the real you. Let him admire your naked body, even if you hate it. Let him see your “ugly cry” face, even though it’s embarrassing. Let him see your weaknesses and flaws without fear. He’ll love you even more for it.

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Negative Nancy

Men love positive, happy women! If you’re constantly bringing negativity into his life, he’ll use that as his reason to move on. He already has enough stress with his job, friends, family, and other aspects of his life without you adding to it. Make your relationship a safe haven for both of you. 

Shallow interests

A man wants to know that his girl is willing to do more than her hair and nails all day. Don’t make your interests all about you. Go out and play basketball with him, let him teach you how to a play a video game, or learn something like a new recipe together. 


Men are not dramatic creatures and they don’t want the woman they love bringing new drama into their life on a daily basis. Learn to be more chill and laid-back and just allow life to happen. 


If he can’t trust you, he’ll have no reason to be with you and vice versa. He needs to know that he can trust you to be loyal and faithful in the relationship. He also needs to know that you trust him as well. If he hasn’t done anything wrong and you can’t trust him, he’ll wonder why he’s wasting his time being pinned as a bad guy when he’s not one. 

Questions For You

Is there any qualities you’re working on fixing for yourself?
Men, what else is unattractive in a woman?


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