6 Signs That You’re Too Dependent On Your Boyfriend

Relationships should be close and intimate, but once you become completely dependent on your boyfriend like he’s your only life source, you’re crossing lines. Obviously if he’s not giving you the basics, it’s time to move on, but if you expect him to be your everything, you’ve got some issues to work on. 

Keep reading to see if you’re too dependent on your relationship. 

You get upset when he goes out with his friends

When he’s out with his friends, his attention is on them and not on you. That is a fact. If you’re too dependent, I bet this bothers you. It makes you feel left out, unloved, jealous, and lonely, right? Keep in mind that he has every right to live a life outside of your relationship. And remember, the more freedom you allow, the more he’ll miss you. 

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You ditch your friends and family for him

You should never cut communication with your family or friends once you enter into a relationship, and if you’ve got a decent man, he won’t want you to. In a healthy relationship, men encourage their girl to go out with friends and spend time with family. It gives him space to do his own things and he’s happy knowing that you’re happy. Enjoy your time apart and look forward to telling him all about it later on. Constantly ditching those around you will only cause tension. 

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You make his hobbies your hobbies

Just because he loves sports does not mean that you must now love sports. He’ll love it if you watch a few games with him and he’ll think it’s super sexy to catch you wearing his team’s logo, but you don’t have to be a diehard fan of his hobbies for him to love you. He fell for you because of what YOU love. It makes you interesting, so quit trying so hard. 

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You can’t function when he’s not around

If he’s busy at work or just out and about and you can’t seem to function, you’ve got yourself a big problem. You shouldn’t need him by your side 24/7 in order to be happy and productive. You were your own person long before he came into your life and that’s the girl he fell in love with, so keep being you!

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You keep in contact 24/7

You should have enough faith in yourself, your boyfriend, and your relationship to survive without texting and calling each other all day, everyday. Of course we all love chatting with our SO, but if not being in touch while he’s busy is leaving you feeling anxious and alone, then you’re far too dependent on him. 

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You rely on his constant reassurance

Of course every girl loves hearing from their boyfriend that he thinks they’re beautiful, and funny, and that they’re the only girl for him. It’s always nice to be reassured that he’s just as happy in the relationship as you are, but if you’re looking for his reassurance on a daily basis, you need to relax. If he really wasn’t happy, you’d be able to tell, or he’d just leave. Besides, if you truly feel like you need to question his commitment, it might be time for a serious chat about the future of your relationship. 

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Are you an overly-dependent girlfriend? How did you overcome it?

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