10 Things To Remember About Women

We can all agree that women aren’t the easiest creatures to understand. Being a woman myself, I can vouch for this, but I can also say that we’re not as complicated as you may think. Well, at least not most of us, anyway. 

If you’ve got a lady in your life that you’re trying to understand a little better, keep reading to get a glimpse into the world of women!

*DISCLAIMER: This is just speaking of the female population in general, but does not include all women*

It’s not about gifts, materials, or status

Don’t get me wrong, some women are all about gifts, money, cars, and other materialistic things, but decent girls really don’t care about any of that. Of course, she’ll love a cute gift or a nice dinner out once in a while, but that’s not the reason she’s with you. She’s with you because you make her happy simply by loving her. And as for status, if she truly loves you, she’ll be just as in love with you whether you’re the president or a garbage man. Just love her. 

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Size doesn’t matter… seriously

Yes, I’m talking about your man parts. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about women; that we believe bigger is better. That is not true! When we are in love with a man, we’re going to love him and love being intimate with him regardless of his size. All that matters is that we get to be with the man we love. 

Chivalry is important to us

Yes, I know it’s old school, but old fashioned chivalry like holding the door open, or bringing the car around when it’s raining is important. Women are not expecting you to be their servants, by any means, but they love the small, romantic things. Kind gestures are definitely a love language that most women respond to very well, unless she’s a hardcore feminist, of course. 

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Show us off

Kiss her in front of your friends, tell your brother how talented and sweet she is, pull her close while you’re out running errands. When you show her that you’re proud of her she’ll feel like she’s on top of the world. She’ll feel beautiful, valued, and respected with these small gestures. 

We love sex just like you do

Really! We love sex! Of course we all have our moments where we might not be in the mood, we’re not feeling well, or we’re just too physically exhausted, but overall, we want it! We do think about it throughout the day, and we always look forward to getting intimate with our man! Women (in general) are not prudes like many assume. 

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Just because we’re crying does not mean that we’re weak

Something women really wish their man would understand is that while many women do tend to get emotional and cry, it doesn’t make us weak. We don’t need to put on tough faces in order to be strong. We let our emotions out, wipe our tears away, and then get right back up ready to take on the world. Don’t let a few tears fool you. 

We don’t want the “bad boy”

Many assume that every woman wants a “bad boy.” Of course it’s a sexy thought when you fantasize about a fictional bad boy! We can all agree that they’re irresistible, but like I said, they are Fictional! I can’t remember ever finding a man who even came close to the bad boys we read about in books, and fawn over in movies. In reality, a bad boy is probably a player with a criminal record, and a lack of respect for women. Umm… no, thank you! Most women are going to choose the grown man with a job and respect for others. 

When we’re crabby, returning the attitude won’t help

During that time of the month, we ask for your patience and understanding. We’re in pain and our hormones are wild, causing the emotional outbursts. Science backs us on this. It’s really not our fault. So we apologize for anything we might say during that week. 

The most important thing you can give us is your time

Like I mentioned, stuff is not important. Give us your time. Spending a day with your woman will mean more to her than any fancy jewelry or expensive handbag. As life goes on, memories will always end up meaning more than any materialistic items. Plus, by giving her your time, you’re telling her that she is important to you and you’re making her a priority. 

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We love sincere compliments

Girls may act bashful, or maybe even swipe her hand at your compliment, but secretly, she loves it and she appreciates it more than you know. We love to be told we’re beautiful, that we look super sexy in those jeans, that you can’t stop looking at our eyes, or that you’re proud of something we’ve done. When a woman loves a man, his opinion means a lot to her and it’s important that you take notice and let us know!


Ladies, what else do you wish your man knew?
Men, what would you like to know?

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