14 Traits That Women Find Unattractive In A Man

Alright, guys! In case you’ve been wondering why those relationships haven’t worked out, why you’re not finding the right woman, or what these ladies aren’t seeing in you, check out the list I’ve compiled of 14 traits that women find unattractive in a man. 


No girl wants a selfish man. If it’s all about YOU, YOU, and YOU, she’s already not interested. It certainly shouldn’t be all about her either, but it’s fair to split the attention. You should show her that you’re interested in what she’s saying and that you care about her thoughts and opinions. By being selfless you are showing her that you truly value her as a person and she’ll be sure to return the favor. 


Do you love sitting around on your Xbox all day long? Well, unfortunately for you, it is not attractive to most girls. Having lazy days is perfectly fine for everybody, but don’t let it get the best of you! I love laying on the couch and watching my favorite old TV shows and my boyfriend loves kicking back and playing 2K, but those things aren’t habits.

Show her that you’re willing to bust your ass during a long day at work and also commit yourself to the important people in your life, your hobbies, and your relationship with her. Almost nothing sexier to her than a hard working man…

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Being too cheap

If she’s a decent girl, she is not going after you for your money! It’s not important, but it’ll make her feel a little something extra when you choose to treat her out to a fancier restaurant once in a while than your usual trips to Applebee’s. And she’ll love your generosity when she sees you leaving a nice tip for your server. If you only ever offer to pay during a trip to McDonald’s and refuse to tip at restaurants, she’ll quit wasting her time on you. 

Too controlling

If your lady can’t go out to dinner with her girls or spend an afternoon with her family without you freaking out, she’ll begin to view your relationship as a prison and eventually she’ll just try to escape. If you give her the freedom to be herself, it’ll only bring you two closer. 

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If you think you’re the smartest man in the world, just stop talking, please. Nobody wants a know-it-all. She’ll love an intellectual conversation, but it’s important that she knows you can learn from her, just as she can learn from you. By acting like a know-it-all, you’re just letting her know that you don’t value her thoughts and opinions. 


If you want to attract a good women, don’t act like you’re better than everyone else. She’ll feel uncomfortable never knowing what’s going to come out of your mouth, and she’ll be hesitant to bring you around her family and friends. Even if you’ve got it going on, stay humble. She’ll love you for it and she’ll point out your best qualities a lot more often when you’re not doing it for her. 

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Everyone can get a little messy, but don’t be so nasty that she is constantly cleaning up after you. She wants to know that you can go out to eat without making a mess of yourself, like a grown ass adult. I had an ex that I hated going out to eat with because he always ate everything with his hands and would look like a two year old when he was done. It was awful and humiliating.

There is nothing wrong with a man getting down and dirty. In fact, there is almost nothing sexier to me than my sweaty boyfriend after a game of basketball, but there’s always a time and a place for it! Dinner with her family is not one of them! Grow up!


If she knows that she can’t rely on you to keep a promise, she’ll lose her faith and her trust in you and that is very damaging to your relationship. If you say you’re going to call, then call. If you say you’re going to be there at 7, then be there at 7. If you have a legitimate and honest excuse, then she’ll be much more understanding if she knows that you’re reliable the rest of the time. 

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Never, ever lie to her. One lie can slowly kill your relationship. A dishonest man is a bad sign and if you keep that attitude up, she’ll go running for the hills. 

Lack of faithfulness & loyalty

The number one rule in your relationship should be to remain faithful and loyal to your partner at all times. If you have any intention of seeing other girls while you’re in a relationship, just stay single!

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A girl will never be able to feel like she can be herself in front of you if you’re closed-minded and judgmental. You should always be willing to listen to her and give her a chance to be herself. Don’t let ignorance and differences get in the way of you hanging onto a great girl. 


Yes, men are visual creatures and we’re all aware of that, but I guarantee that you’re going to get real tired of the snobby girl with big boobs real quick. If you’re looking for a lasting relationship, go for more than a hot body and a pretty face. You should definitely be physically attracted to her, but remember that there’s more to her than just her looks. If she notices that that’s all you’re interested in, she’ll be gone in two-seconds flat if she has any self respect. 

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No drive

This one goes along with being lazy. If you don’t have any drive to accomplish anything in life, or any passions that encourage you to reach your goals, she won’t be interested. A woman wants a man who has some drive to reach something, anything! Whether you aspire to be a husband and father, a mechanic, a business man, or a even a garbage man. Most women don’t really care what you aspire to be, as long as you work to be the best that you can be. Just have some passion!


When we think of jealousy in a relationship, most of us think of jealous girls, but there are plenty of men who get jealous too and it doesn’t look good on anybody. Trust her, let her have her freedom, and believe that she’s with you for a reason. Don’t let your jealousy get the best of you. It’ll be cute in the beginning, but if you let it go too far, it’ll only push her away. 

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Ladies, what else is unattractive in a man?
Guys, do you have anything you’re working to improve?

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