Relationship Myth: Love is Blind

One of the most popular quotes about love tells us that love is blind…

I don’t know who came up with this bullshit, but I can guarantee that they have never been in love! This quote drives me up a wall, so I had to write an article to vent about it. 

Let me start off by saying that love is not blind, and love doesn’t blissfully ignore character flaws like they don’t even exist. In the very beginning of your relationship, you may ignore the negative side of your new partner or you may even think their quirks are cute or charming, but as time goes on, those once charming things may become annoying, frustrating, and irritating. 

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We are all human, and we all have flaws, and one of those flaws that we all have in common is finding the flaws in each other. You’re going to find flaws in every person that you meet, whether it’s a physical flaw or a character flaw, we all have them, and lots of them! Flaws are not something you can avoid, or something that you can just pretend doesn’t exist. 

So, how the hell can we fall head over heels in love if we see so many flaws in our partner?

Because… love is accepting of them, and that’s the key here; acceptance. When you love someone, they are going to drive you absolutely nuts, but you’re going to learn to accept that she spends far too much time talking your ear off on the phone, or that no matter how many times you get on him about it, his socks can never make their way into the hamper. 

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Love sees her bad attitude and his temper.
Love sees her laziness and his messiness.
Love sees her possessiveness and his selfishness. 

Love is not blind to our bad qualities. Your partner sees all of yours, and you see all of theirs, but you love each other regardless. That’s how you know when it’s real. When you can’t seem to find anything wrong with your new beau, it’s probably lust, but if you make the conscious decision to love this person, even on their worst days, then you know it is true. That is the best kind of love and the one you want to hang onto. 

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