Why Sex SHOULD Be A Priority In Your Relationship

Don’t let the title fool you; a relationship is NOT about sex. A relationship is about trust, passion, commitment, dedication, patience, understanding, and unconditional love, but that doesn’t mean that sex isn’t an important aspect. In fact, in my opinion, sex is an incredibly important aspect of your relationship and let me tell you why…

In order to give myself a little more credit, I’ll let you know that in my last relationship which lasted three years, my ex and I NEVER had sex. I don’t mean we only did it every few months. I mean that we literally never had sex; not even once. He was a virgin and planned to stay that way. Till this day, I still don’t understand his reasons because not one of them make an ounce of sense, but I respected his (painful) wishes and stayed faithful to him and went on a three year dry spell. (Keep in mind, that it IS possible to love and maintain a relationship, even without sex.)

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To make a long story short, after three years of what I felt was wasted time, I finally broke it off with him after realizing our relationship would never move forward and he would never grow up (in general, not just sexually). 

Now let’s jump ahead to the present… I am finally with the love of my life and the man I plan to marry someday. He is kind, funny, respectful, faithful, extremely patient and understanding, we have so much fun together, he loves me and accepts me for who I am, and oh yeah, did I mention that the sex is amazing?!

Going from a three year dry spell to a fantastic sex life was quite a change for me and I’ve loved every minute, but it’s not for vain reasons. I’ve been sexual with other men who were more experienced than my current boyfriend, but the sex meant nothing with them. Now on the other hand, the sex with my man is the best I have ever, ever had and I finally realized why that is; it’s because we’re in love. 

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Whether the sex is the “usual,” or rough (in a good way, of course), or passionate; whether it’s multiple sessions over a few hours or a quickie before bed, it is absolutely amazing. Both of us have agreed that we are extremely happy with our sex life and we agree that it’s a really important aspect of our relationship. Being intimate with each other is something that we love to share. Sex almost always ends with us staring at each other with sleepy grins and telling each other how much we love each other. 

Sex is about more than physical pleasure for you and your partner. It’s about baring your soul and deepest inner-self to your partner. It’s about releasing control over your own body and trusting your partner completely. It’s about giving yourself to that person in such a special and intimate way without words, but with action.

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When you are truly in love with someone, you will find compatibility through sex and view it as another way to share yourself with that person, and only that person. By making sex a priority in your relationship, you are able to deepen your bond to your partner and learn new ways to express your love and commitment to each other. It will help you become more satisfied, more confident, and more trusting in your love life. 

Plus… it’s pretty fun, right?


Do you find that sex brings you and your partner closer?

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