7 Ways To Make Her Day At Work

When your lady is at work, chances are, she’s having a very long and possibly rough day. She will absolutely love it if her man does something sweet to brighten her day and remind her of what is waiting for her when she clocks out. 

As a woman, there is no better feeling than knowing that you’re on your man’s mind, even when you’re apart. So here are 7 simple ways to brighten her day!

Have flowers delivered

If you’re busy at your own job, call up a delivery service and have them deliver a nice arrangement to your woman. It’ll leave her beaming and bragging about her amazing man all day long. 

Send a card in the mail

Everyone loves snail mail! When she checks her mailbox at work and finds a handwritten note or card from you, it’ll make her melt. It doesn’t have to be an entire letter either. A simple “have a great day at work, I love you,” will do just fine. 

Surprise her with lunch

Show up at lunchtime with a homemade meal or her favorite take-out so you can eat together. She’ll love the food, but she’ll love you showing up even more! 

Send a sweet text

Sending her encouraging messages while she’s at work is sure to improve her day and it doesn’t have to be a novel. There are plenty of sweet one-liners you can send. 
-Have a great day, gorgeous.
-I can’t wait to see you tonight!
-I can’t get you off my mind today, baby. I miss you. 
-I love you. 

Remind her what will be waiting for her at home

One of the best ways to make her smile when she’s away is to remind her what kind of manly man she has waiting at home. And no… that does not mean that she wants a D-pic! Huge turn-off, guys! Send her a sexy or romantic text about your plans for her when she gets home. She won’t be able to get her mind off of you!

Send her songs to listen to while she works

My boyfriend and I are both huge music fiends so we love finding songs that remind us of each other. Send her links to songs that remind you of her. If she’s able to play music while she works, I guarantee she’ll have those songs on replay the rest of the day. 

Check on her

Lastly, just simply ask her how her day is going, if her boss has given her a hard time, or if she needs anything, and be sincere about it! Just knowing that you truly care about how she is will give her a boost and make her feel loved. 


Ladies, what has your man done to make your day at work?
Men, what have you done for your lady?

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