20 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

People are very, very different, including you and your partner. It’s not only important, but vital to make sure you’re on the same page about certain topics before saying “I do,” and committing to that person forever. So here are 20 questions to ask your future Mr or Mrs, before tying the knot!

Do you want kids? If so, how many?

Where would you like to live?

Would you ever consider moving out of state, if necessary?

What religion would be practiced in our home, if any, and to what extent?

How do we plan to split the bills?

How are we handling individual debt?

Once we’re married is divorce ever an option if it comes to that?

Will both partners be working? 

If both partners work, how will children be cared for?

Do you have any physical or mental family health history that needs to be discussed?

Are we both comfortable with each other sexually?

How will holidays be split between our families?

Would you like pets? What kind?

Do you enjoy traveling?

Who is in charge of maintaining the household? One partner or both?

Will our children attend public school, private school, or be homeschooled?

Can we really handle each other’s families?

Can we deal with the other’s flaws?

Does either partner have a deal breaker that should be discussed first?

Do we both really believe they can survive the relationship together?

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