13 Small Gestures That Keep The Romance Alive

Sometimes all it takes is a small, loving gesture to let your partner know that romance is still in the air. A healthy relationship doesn’t require expensive gifts, fancy dates, or extravagant gestures. Whether you’re the man or the woman, it’s important that you’re both putting in equal effort to keep the romance and love alive and flowing for the sake of the relationship. (Read 22 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Man)

Keep fresh flowers on her table

To some, this may seem like a boring gesture, but surprising your lady with some pretty flowers should definitely brighten her day. Every time she passes by them, they’ll be a nice little reminder of your love. 

Surprise your partner at work

Surprises are the best and your partner will absolutely love to look up from their work and see your smiling face. It’ll be even better if you surprise them with lunch or their favorite drink! (Read 7 Ways To Make Her Day At Work)

Make his favorite meal

Your man will absolutely love to come home from work to find his favorite hot meal waiting on the table. It’s an easy and loving gesture that will remind your man that you really care. 

Kiss them in front of your/their friends

PDA is pretty popular nowadays and getting a nice smooch in front of your own friends or your partner’s friends can make you feel desired and wanted. (And please do this in a cute, classy way, not a sloppy, gross way!) Knowing your partner is proudly showing you off is an awesome confidence booster. (Read 6 Ways To Handle His Immature Friends)

Give your partner a massage

After a long day at work, first thing in the morning, or during a movie; whenever it feels right, reach over and give your partner a nice massage. It’ll help relax both of you, create intimacy, and show your partner that you care. 

Let him watch the game in peace

Letting your man watch his sports in peace reminds him that you respect his hobbies and his alone/guy time. He’ll definitely remember that and give you the same respect. 

Send a sweet text message

Surprise your partner with a sweet message when you’re apart. It can just be something simple like I love you, I’m thinking of you, or I can’t wait to see you tonight

Do the chore you’ve been putting off

If your lady has been asking you to fix that leaky sink for a month, do it! Just that small task will show her you’re listening, you care, you’re willing to take care of her, and she’ll love that her man does things around the house!

Pull your partner closer in public

If you’re not into PDA, you can get the same effect by wrapping your arm around your partner and pulling them close. 

Kiss their cheek/forehead

One of my favorite things is when my boyfriend pulls me close and gives me a long kiss on the forehead. I completely melt. And after he does that, I lean up and give him a kiss on the cheek. It’s a kind and intimate gesture. 

Leave a cute note

Leaving a cute note on the bathroom mirror or in your partner’s lunch box is a great way to surprise them and remind them that you’re thinking of them. 

Thank your partner for all they do

Thanking your partner is very, very underrated. Thanking and appreciating your partner  is a really important gesture and it will help keep the relationship in a good place so neither of you ever feel taken for granted. 

Play your song

Every couple has a song and if you don’t, you should find one. Your partner will love getting those special lyrics while they’re at work or singing it with you in the car. 


What is your favorite gesture?

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