12 Signs That She’s A Keeper

If you’ve got a new lady in your life and you’re looking for some reassurance that she is definitely girlfriend material, check out these 14 traits below. If she’s got these traits, hang onto her and treat her like the lady that she is! 

She’s independent

An independent woman is a man’s dream. Of course a man loves when his lady depends on him and relies on him, but only to a certain extent. Most men love a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Men look for a woman who lives her own life outside of the relationship as well. 

She accepts your friends & family

And vice versa! This doesn’t mean she has to be best friends with your mom and treat your friends like they’re her brothers, but it’s important that there is a mutual sense of respect and acceptance. 

She gives you the space you need

An overbearing woman can be very overwhelming and stressful for any man and I’m sure you can all agree. If she gives you the space you need to work, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy your hobbies, make sure you reward her with some quality time. 

She doesn’t expect you to do everything for her

You don’t want a woman who relies on you for money or to fix every problem she has. Of course you should take care of her and be a gentleman, but she has to understand that you can’t always be there to do everything for her.

She accepts you for who you are

There are a lot of women who can be pretty picky about the men they’re with. Now don’t get me wrong, a woman who is a keeper will definitely have high standards, but she should accept you for who you are inside and out, and forgive you for your flaws.

She has similar goals

It’s important that you and your girl are on similar life paths in regards to marriage, careers, and children. If you aren’t interested in marriage and that’s your girlfriend’s dream, it’s probably best to part ways and find a woman who doesn’t mind being in a long-term relationship without getting married. 

She is willing to communicate

It’s important to find a woman who keeps the drama to a minimum but is always willing to communicate with you when an issue does arise. And it’s important that she does so calmly and respectfully. (Read 4 Reasons Why Communication is Vital for a Healthy Relationship.)

She spoils you

Don’t feel like just because you’re the man that you don’t deserve to be spoiled, because you do! You deserve compliments, admiration, and respect just as much as she does. A woman who wants to care for you just as you do for her is definitely a keeper. 

You have mutual trust

If you and your woman can trust each other, you’re already a step ahead of a lot of couples. You should be able to trust her to go out for a night with friends without any worries, and she should be able to do the same for you.

She shares your sense of humor

A lady should make her man laugh and they should have a similar sense of humor. Adding humor into the relationship can make an average night turn into an amazing one. 

She apologizes 

If your girl can admit her flaws and wrongdoings and sincerely apologize for them, you know you can rely on her to want to make the relationship work just as much as you do. That means that she’s willing to sacrifice her pride and ego to better herself and the relationship. 

You can be yourself with her

If you ever feel the need to hide your true self in front of your girlfriend, she’s probably not the one for you. If she’s a keeper she’ll make you feel comfortable and accepted at all times. You can’t have a successful relationship if you ever feel the need to hide in front of your partner. 

Have you found a keeper? What qualities does your lady have?

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