5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Yourself Go

It’s a lot easier to stick to a healthy diet and a fitness routine when you’re single and have the time to truly focus on yourself. Then you get into a relationship and you get comfortable. When you’re with a new partner you tend to have a lot of date nights and outings. This leads to buttery movie theater popcorn, slice after slice of pizza during Netflix, and binge-watching instead of being active. 

There’s nothing wrong with lazy cuddle days where you binge on your favorite foods with your partner, but that can’t be everyday. It’s important to still try to stay fit and healthy, not only for your partner, but for yourself. 

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t let yourself go after getting into a relationship…

It’ll effect your sex life

Your partner should love your body no matter what shape or size you are, but it’s important to still try to look your best. By working on your health and fitness you’ll have more energy, more stamina, and you’ll feel sexier for your partner. If you’re not feeling too great about your body, sex won’t sound nearly as appealing as it used to. 

It’ll encourage your partner to be unhealthy

If you’re dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, you’ll probably be able to get your partner on board as well. When it comes to getting fit, it should be about so much more than just the superficial benefits. You and your partner love each other and you should want both of you to be in the best health possible so you’re able to stay with each other as long as possible. 

You might get bored

If all you ever do is sit around watching movies with your partner, you’re going to end up getting bored eventually. If you have an active lifestyle you can mix it up and spend one evening on Netflix and the next playing basketball, going for a walk, or doing yard work together. 

Your self-confidence will spiral downward

If you let yourself go, eventually you’re not going to feel very good about yourself anymore and your confidence and self-worth will bomb. Nobody wants to feel insecure about themselves in front of their partner, so keep yourself up so you can look and feel your best! (Read 7 Ways To Fight Relationship Insecurities)

You want to be the best version of yourself

It’s important to be the best version of yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally. You want to better yourself for you and for your partner. By performing at your best you’re showing your partner that you care about the relationship and that you want to give them the best that you can. 

Have you ever let yourself go in a relationship? How did you overcome it?

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