6 Unrealistic Relationship Goals That Women Have & Need To Ditch

It’s very common for a woman to expect a lot out of her man. I am definitely guilty of this  and I’ve had to face reality. I have to remind myself that he is not perfect and he is human. He’s going to make mistakes, he’s going to disappoint me, and he’s going to do things I don’t like, but regardless of all those things, I love him and I have to understand that he does his best. You have to remember the same for your man. You have to be realistic when it comes to expectations for your man and your relationship. 

He’ll never find another woman attractive

As good-looking as you find your man, I guarantee you’re going to find other men attractive, and he’ll think the same about other women. He’s going to notice, but as long as he’s respectful, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Even if another woman is supermodel gorgeous, remember that your man chose you and you give him something no other woman could give him. That’s why he’s with you. 

You’ll never argue

You will argue. You’ll probably argue more often than you’d like, but that’s okay. It’s perfectly normal. As long as there isn’t any name-calling, disrespect, or physical abuse, arguing can be healthy. (Read How Happy, Healthy Couples Handle Arguments) 

His life will revolve around you

Your man is going to have a life outside of you and your relationship and that’s perfectly okay. He’s going to have a job, family, and friends to focus on as well. Take advantage of that time to live your own life; get a hobby, go out with friends, visit with family, or boost your career.  (Read 6 Things To Do Instead Obsessing Over Your Busy Partner)

You’ll want to be together 24/7

I know it doesn’t feel like it in the beginning, but you’re going to get sick of each other eventually. You’re going to crave some alone time or some time out with the girls, so don’t get upset if he wants a guys night out or a night in by himself. It’s okay to spend time apart as long as you make your way back to each other. 

He’ll always be romantic

Of course he swooned you in the beginning and was constantly saying and doing the sweetest things, but it won’t last forever. He obviously had to up his game in the beginning, but once things start to settle down, it won’t be like that daily. You definitely shouldn’t allow the romance in the relationship to die because that will be extremely damaging to your relationship, but just understand that it won’t be a Disney movie every single day. Don’t be too hard on him about this. Guys are under a lot of pressure to romance their woman. Be thankful for all the amazing things you love about him and enjoy when he does do something really romantic and out of the blue. Don’t expect more than he can give. 

He’ll always say the right thing

Remember that men are… men. They aren’t really known for being the best listeners and conversationalists, and they don’t always think before speaking. What your man might think is harmless, could be hurtful to you. He won’t always say the right thing, or the thing you wish he would say, but always remember that he is trying his hardest and he isn’t saying anything to intentionally hurt you. Appreciate him for who he is and everything he does for you. Focus on the positive things about him instead of ragging on him for his flaws. 


What is the most ridiculous relationship goal you’ve seen or heard of?

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