22 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Man

As the woman in the relationship it can be easy to fall into the habit of letting your man cater to you all the time, especially if you’ve got a good one! But chances are, your man has a lot of things going on in his life and it’s important to remember to be there for him as well.

It doesn’t take much effort to remind your man that he is wanted, needed, loved, and appreciated, so remind him often!

Here are 22 small ways to show your man that you appreciate him…

Let him watch the big game and don’t bother him the entire time.

Tell him how much you appreciate him for doing small things, even daily chores.

Rub his back after he’s had a long day at work.

Tell him how good he looks.

Make his favorite meal.

Send a cute/hot message while he’s at work.

Prove it in the bedroom…

Surprise him with his favorite coffee when you pass a Starbucks.

Make him breakfast in bed.

Play or watch his favorite sport with him.

Look him in the eye when he’s talking.

Always say THANK YOU.

Let him have his alone time and time with the guys.

Praise him for all the good he does when you’re in front of others and in private.

Always give him a hug and kiss when you see him.

Scratch his head and rub his neck while you cuddle and watch a movie.

Don’t always expect something in return when you do something nice for him. 

Ask about his day.

Ask if there’s anything you can do for him to help relieve his stress or make his day easier.

Simply say “I love you” and remind him often. 

Communicate with him about any issues you may be having. It’ll make him feel needed.

Tell him you miss him.


What is your favorite thing your partner does to show you that they appreciate you?
What else do you do to show your man that you appreciate him?

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