Why Spontaneity Is So Important For Your Relationship

My boyfriend is one of the most spontaneous people I’ve ever met. While has barely ever planned anything in advance in his entire life, I am the complete opposite. I’m a planner, so adjusting to my boyfriend’s spontaneity was really difficult at first, but I’ve learned to love it. 

As frustrating at it can be sometimes to not know my plans in advance, I’m grateful for all the romantic and exciting surprises I get to look forward to now. In addition, here are 5 more reasons why spontaneous relationships are the best!

Everyday is a new adventure

As I mentioned, one thing I’ve learned to love is never knowing what to expect. My boyfriend might make a last minute dinner and movie date after I’d had a long day, or suddenly surprise me at work just to put a smile on my face. Everyday I wake up, I never know what’s coming and it makes the romantic moments so much more exciting. (Read 7 Ways to Maker Her Day At Work)

Your relationship will last longer

One of the biggest issues with long-term relationships is that both people get bored. They know how their romantic date is going to go, they know what to expect during sex, they know exactly what their partner is going to say during their next argument… When you always know what to expect, life gets boring. When you and your partner are up late at night laughing, go out for a drive and dance to music or walk around an empty park. You will learn to live for those exciting times, but it’s important to remember that you should both be putting in equal effort to keep the relationship spontaneous. 

It shows how much you love your partner

By being spontaneous you’re showing your partner that you’re willing to put in effort to do sweet things for them. It also shows that you’re thinking about them. All it takes is doing something small like surprising your partner at work with lunch or flowers to remind them that you miss them and you’re thinking about them. Always remember that it’s the small things that count the most!

It can lead to better sex

I think we can all agree that when your partner surprises you by doing something to sweet and romantic, it makes you fall all over again. You both get that look in your eye and suddenly you’re both naked! I’ve always agreed that sex is way better with someone  that you truly love and care for, so take advantage of those romantic things. Chances are, you’re going to have a good outcome for you both!

It can help you relieve stress

After a bad day at work, or a stressful situation with the family, there’s no better feeling than your partner surprising you with a romantic gesture. Spending a spontaneous night out with your partner can make you forget about any other issues you were stressing over during the day. (Read 13 Small Gestures That Keep The Romance Alive)


Is your relationship spontaneous?
Do you enjoy a spontaneous relationship or are you a planner?

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