30 Ways To Say “I love You” Without Actually Saying It

They say actions speak louder than words and I am a true believer in that. Here are # easy ways to show your partner you love them without saying it…

  • Surprise him at work with his favorite lunch
  • Bring her flowers
  • Tell him how appreciative you are
  • Tell her she’s beautiful
  • Surprise him with a new shirt or hat with his team’s logo on it
  • Sing to her
  • Show them off in front of your family and friends
  • Kiss them in public
  • Care for them when they’re sick
  • Keep each other warm
  • Pull her closer to you 
  • Send cute texts to remind them that they’re on your mind
  • Share a song that you heard that reminded you of them
  • Watch the action movie or romance they wanted to see, even if you’re not interested
  • Apologizing when you’re wrong
  • Kissing them goodnight
  • Asking for a text that they got home safe
  • Losing sleep just so you can stay up and talk
  • Tucking her hair behind her ears
  • Kissing her on the forehead 
  • Always making sure your partner is comfortable, physically and emotionally
  • Trust your partner when they’re away
  • Look your partner directly in the eye when you talk
  • Tell her how sexy she is without any makeup on and say the same to him when he’s in his sweatpants
  • Be patient with them
  • Surprise them with their favorite 7/11 slurpee
  • Tell your friends and coworkers how amazing your partner is
  • Play his favorite sport with him
  • Plan spontaneous dates
  • Plan the future together
  • Ask if they’ve eaten today


What do you do to show your partner you love them? What is your favorite way that your partner shows love for you?

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