6 Things To Do Instead Of Obsessing Over Your Busy Boyfriend

It can be so easy (especially in a new relationship) to make your new beau your life, leaving you feeling bored and alone when your partner is busy with work, family, friends, or a hobby. I know this because I’m one of those girls and this is something I’ve had to work on to become a stronger woman and a more independent girlfriend, so here six of my favorite things to do when my man is out and about!

Go out with your friends

Take advantage of your man being busy to catch up with the girls. It’ll keep your mind busy and allow your man to get his stuff taken care of without you blowing up his phone. Plus, you can finally have some girl talk without the men around!

Find a new show to binge watch on Netflix

Binge watching can keep your mind busy for hours! Find a new show, or a show you haven’t watched in a while and watch it until your little heart is content. Plus, when your beau is busy, that’s the perfect time for laying around in your pajamas and relaxing. 

Come up with a new hobby

This issue (due to anxiety and insecurities) is actually the reason this website was even created! It helps me keep my mind busy when I’m not at work and when my boyfriend is busy or working. (Plus, I’m hoping this website helps other girls like me.)

Anyway, finding a new hobby to get interested in can help so much! It can be a blog, a sport, a craft, anything! And, being creative can give you purpose and boost your confidence. 


The endorphins released during a workout can make you feel independent, confident, and healthy! One of my favorite things to do when my man is busy is to pop my headphones in and go for a really long walk. It helps pass the time while also working on my physical and mental health. Getting some fresh air and some alone time always helps me put my life into perspective. 

Take a nap

Who doesn’t love a good nap? If I’m off work for the day and my boy is busy, you can bet I’ll be taking a power nap at some point! Use that silence to rest up and recharge! 

Write/talk about it

If this is something you struggle with, chances are you have an underlying issue like abandonment issues, insecurity anxiety, depression, etc. Being overly-dependent isn’t a healthy quality, but these are all great methods to help you move on from this issue. Writing about it can really help! You can use a journal, text a friend, or pray about what you’re feeling.

Personally, I write about my feelings on the Prayer Journal app on my phone every time I’m feeling anxious about my relationship. By writing, my underlying issues are coming to the surface and I’m gaining clarity about what I truly need to work on to better myself as an individual and as a girlfriend. 


What is your favorite thing to do when your man is busy?
Have you overcome similar issues?

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