8 Things Your Woman Truly Needs

Guys, women are not as complicated as you think, I promise! Of course she can be difficult, but if you fulfill these 8 needs, your relationship with your lady will be much closer to smooth sailing!

A good listener

There are a lot of men who hate having to listen to their woman talk, but it’s important, so suck it up and open your ears! She needs to know that you’re willing to converse with her about things that she finds important, even if you don’t. It shows that you actually care about her and her opinions, not just as your girlfriend, but as a human being.

Emotional understanding

Attempting to understand a woman is not an easy feat and I know that, but if you at least make an attempt, it’ll change your relationship for the better. Getting to know your woman on an emotional level will bring you closer together and make her feel more open and trusting towards you and your relationship. It will also help you get a better grip on how to handle her when she’s had a bad day. (Read 5 Things Your Anxious And/Or Depressed Partner Needs You To Know)


A woman cannot survive in an unstable relationship. Women thrive on a safe, comfortable environment and she’ll be distant if she never knows what’s coming next or where she stands in your life. Make sure she always knows that even through the rough patches, you’ll be there to support her and love her. (Read 7 Ways To Fight Relationship Insecurities)


A lot of times, all it takes is an honest conversation with your girl to make her feel confident in your relationship. Whether it’s an everyday conversation or a deep conversation you’ve been wanting to avoid, sitting down and calmly talking will make a huge difference. This will prove to your girl that she can be herself with you and that she can rely on you. (Read 4 Reasons Why Communication Is Vital For A Healthy Relationship)

To be made a priority

A good woman will understand that your world doesn’t revolve around her. She knows you have a job, family, friends, and hobbies, but she still needs to feel like a priority. She has to know that no matter how busy life gets, you’re going to make time for her and your relationship, and she’ll definitely do the same for you. 

Protection and comfort

One of the sexiest things you can do for a woman is comfort her and make her feel safe, both physically and emotionally. Make sure she knows that as long as she has you, she’ll be protected. 


It doesn’t take a lot of effort or energy to be romantic. All it takes is kissing her forehead, slow dancing with her to your song, buying some flowers, or telling her how beautiful she looks today. The smallest things will have her smiling like a fool for the rest of the day. 

To be cared for

It’s important to let your woman know you truly care about her. If she had a rough day at work, rub her feet when she gets home, offer advice and support when she needs an open ear, or surprise her with her favorite snack on your way home from work. She loves knowing that you think of her and are willing to put in the effort just to make her smile. (Read 30 Ways To Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying It)


Ladies, what other qualities do you enjoy in your man?
How many of these needs does your man fulfill?

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