13 Signs That You’re In A Healthy Relationship

Relationships can definitely be overwhelming at times, but here are 13 signs that yours is healthy and headed in the right direction. 

You’re comfortable planning for the future

One of the things that just brightens my day is talking about the future with my boyfriend. We’re still young and have plenty we’d like to accomplish before throwing marriage and kids into the mix, but it’s still fun to talk about! We talk about names we like for babies, great songs to dance to at our wedding reception, and how we plan to spend our evenings at home together. It’s little comments that get thrown into our conversations that puts a smile on both of our faces and brings us peace and stability. Not a lot of men are that open about the future and that’s normal, but if he’s avoiding the topic completely, it’s time to start asking some questions about his intentions.

You can fight fairly

Every couple fights. Even the couples that seem so perfect argue about something sooner or later, and some more than others and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big argument or just a little bickering as long as it is fair. You should try your best to argue without yelling, putting your partner down, name calling, or throwing past mistakes in their face. If you’re going to disagree about something do your best to do it calmly. At the end of it, regardless of what you’re arguing about, keep in mind that that’s the person you love and you don’t intend to hurt them, so treat them with respect. (Read How Happy, Healthy Couples Handles Arguments)

You communicate openly

Communication is key in your relationship. You and your partner should feel comfortable enough with each other to be open about anything and everything. Communication will help bring you two closer together and provide stability to your relationship. (Read 4 Reasons Why Communication is Vital For a Healthy Relationship)

You trust each other completely

With love comes trust. Showing your partner that you trust them completely will allow you both to live your lives feeling free. Nobody wants to be tied down or made to feel like they’re being watched all the time, especially when they’ve done nothing wrong.

You have your own lives

This can be a tough one, especially for those of us who are more dependent, but living a life outside of your partner is necessary. It’s okay to spend a lot of time together and be a close couple, but there is a line you shouldn’t be crossing. If you do, your partner can feel smothered and that’ll cause strain on the relationship. If you both have your own friends and your own hobbies, you’re in a good place.

You have a mature emotional connection

Having a mature emotional connection basically comes down to being an adult. Your partner wants someone who is equal to them. A grown adult doesn’t want to feel like they’re dating a teenager. Do your best to keep your relationship drama-free and remember that you’re a team.

You want to better yourselves

Your relationship shouldn’t bring you down. Of course there will be difficult times, but overall, your relationship should encourage you to better yourself for your own well-being and for your relationship as well. You should strive to improve your education, your job, your health, and your other relationships. 

You’re both putting in effort

If your relationship is one-sided, that’s not a good sign. Both partners should be putting in equal effort physically, emotionally, and mentally. When it comes to putting in effort, toss the gender roles out the window. There’s nothing wrong with surprising your man with a night out and paying for dinner or with a man cooking his woman a special dinner at home. Remember, it’s the small things that really count. 

You no longer live in the past

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you should no longer feel the need to stalk your ex or focus on all the hurt they put you through. Your relationship should keep you in the present and looking towards the future. You should have no reason to look back at your past. 

You accept each other for who you are

Accepting your partner is necessary if you want it to last. You should accept every flaw that they have mentally and physically. It’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, including you, but true love is unconditional. 

You have a healthy sex life

Whoever said sex isn’t important in a relationship is out of their damn mind. Of course it shouldn’t be your number one priority, but it should definitely be pretty high up there. When you’re in love, sex in an incredibly pleasurable way to show your feelings physically. Being intimate with your partner can even lead to some pretty romantic post-sex conversations. It’s also a great way to show your partner how open you are willing to be with them and how much you trust them. 

You both have realistic exceptions for each other and your relationship

Again, it’s important to remember that neither of you are perfect. You’re both going to make mistakes and mess up, but all you can do is put in your best effort and remember that your partner is doing the same. Don’t expect your partner to be prince charming or cinderella. As long as they are trying their hardest, that’s all that should matter. 

You are both determined

Determination is important, especially when times get tough. If you’re both willing to suffer through the hard times together, then you’ve got a solid, committed relationship. 


According to these signs, is your relationship a healthy one?
What else makes up a healthy relationship?

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