8 Things Your Man Truly Needs

Ladies, I promise that men are not nearly as complicated as we think. Check out the list below to see what you can do for your man to create a happier, healthier relationship. 


It’s so important to remember how different men and women truly are. When life starts going sideways, women tend to turn to their man or their friends for comfort and advice, but men do things a little differently. A man needs his space whether it’s to sort things out in his head after an argument or just to recharge after a long day at work. 


If you don’t respect your partner, you have no business being in a relationship with them. If your man has earned your respect, then show it! Show him how much you appreciate him and everything he does for you. Show him respect by listening to him, valuing his opinion and his views, by trusting him, and treating him as an equal.  (Read 22 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Man)

Time with the guys

Just like you enjoy the occasional girls’ night out, your man needs guy time. It’s important for him to be able to kick back and relax with his friends. And let’s be honest, if he’s a good man he spends plenty of time doing the boyfriend thing so give him a night off to go have some fun. (Read 7 Ways To Stop Being Anxious About Your Boyfriend Going Out With His Friends)

Your trust

Trust is so incredibly important in a relationship and if your man loves and respects you, trust should be one of his top priorities. He should always want to do anything and everything necessary to earn and keep your trust, so in return you need to give it to him. Men do not want to be smothered or made to feel like you’re their mother or their babysitter. They need a woman who can have faith in them and give them the freedom to be themselves. If you do, you’ll definitely be rewarded a healthier relationship. (Read 13 Signs That You’re In A Healthy Relationship)


Everyone loves to get compliments, especially men. Women tend to like comments regarding their looks and personality while men really love comments on their character. Praise your man for his actions like always taking out the trash, being a good dad, or just simply being the gentleman you deserve. Men love to hear praise for their actions so they know that all of their handwork isn’t going unappreciated or unnoticed. Let him know how amazing you think he is and that’ll certainly put a smile on his face. (Read 30 Ways To Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying It)

Physical touch

Simple physical touch is one of the best forms of intimacy. All it takes is rubbing his back as you walk by, holding his arm as you watch TV, or giving him a kiss when he gets home. It’s those small actions that can put a huge smile on his face and reassure him that he is your one and only. It’ll make him feel loved and cared for.


An unstable relationship almost always leads to disaster, unless you can get a handle on it. Your man doesn’t want to constantly be wondering when you’re going to throw a fit, start an argument, or possibly threaten to end the relationship. It’s important for him to know that you’re there for him and together, you two are a team. A man’s woman is his backbone and often a big source of his strength. Be there for your man just like he’s there for you through thick and thin. Give him a solid, loving relationship so that he is reassured that even when times get tough, you two are in it together. 

Emotional understanding

Obviously men are known for hiding their emotions and putting on a tough face, but contrary to popular belief, they really do have feelings. It’s important to communicate with your man and truly listen to him when he’s willing to open up to you. You should work on understanding him and creating that bond so he is always reassured that he can be honest and open with you when something is going on in his mind. Give him a safe place to be himself. 

What else do you think your man needs? 

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