9 Acts That Are Damaging Your Relationship

Relationships can be fragile, and sometimes it can be hard to recognize when your actions may be damaging. Relationships require loving, nurturing care, but if only one partner is willing to put in the effort, chances are, the relationship is seriously going to suffer. But, if both partners are pulling their own weight, a relationship can thrive. Check out the list below to make sure your acts aren’t damaging your relationship or leading you and your partner to an unhealthy place. 

Clinging too closely to your partner

Clinginess can be a death sentence for any relationship. Everybody needs room to breathe and space to be their own individual person whether they’re in a relationship or not. It’s important to make sure that you’re spending time doing your own hobbies, working on your career, or hanging out with your family and friends. Trusting your partner enough to live his or her own life and can help encourage you to live yours and avoid exhibiting clingy behavior. 

Lack of trust

Unless you have a truly legitimate reason not to trust your partner, calm the hell down. Many people have trust issues because of the hurt they’ve suffered in that past, but that is absolutely no reason not to trust your current partner. Lack of trust can lead to insecurities, jealousy, unnecessary drama and arguments, resentment, and ultimately, the demise of your relationship. You must learn to maintain trust in your partner unless they give you a reason not to. (Read 7 Ways To Fight Relationship Insecurities)

Lying/omitting information

Even small white lies can be damaging to your relationship. One small lie may lead to another and when the truth comes out, it’ll only lead to hurt feelings and trust issues. And yes, in my opinion, omitting information intentionally is the same thing as lying. If you’re hiding information, there is definitely an underlying issue that should be addressed right away. 

Lack of communication

Communication is so unbelievably important in any relationship. Keeping your emotions bottled up only leads to resentment, tension, and later on, huge arguments. If something that happened with your partner is bothering you, open up about it! Explain your feelings calmly and chances are, you and your partner will be able to walk away from the discussion with a sense of understanding and contentment. (Read How Happy, Healthy Couples Handle Arguments)

Airing your dirty laundry on social media

NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I repeat… NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Seriously. Just because the little box on Facebook is asking you what’s on your mind does not mean that everyone wants to know or cares that your boyfriend pissed you off today. Sharing your problems on social media is rude, hurtful, and disrespectful to your partner. There is a difference between venting to a friend or asking for some advice and degrading your partner. There are boundaries to what you share about your relationship and they should always be followed. 

Living in the past

If you’ve struggled with relationships and been hurt in the past, it can be hard to move on, even if you’ve found a loving partner, but it’s important to forget. You can’t allow your partner to pay for the actions of your exes or to be reminded daily of the mistakes they’ve made in their own past. It’s important to move on from the negativity and learn to live in the present. Enjoy your relationship with your partner and the love that you share instead of focusing on the bad times. 

Being a control freak

Nobody wants a controlling partner. It can cause serious strain on your relationship and it can actually cause your partner to fear being themselves in front of you. I think we can all agree that we enjoy our freedom, making our own decisions, and being our own person! Don’t take those options away from your partner. If you let them have their freedom and space, they’ll miss you and appreciate you so much more. 


A little bit of jealousy can be reassuring and cute and it really is natural, but there are boundaries. If it goes overboard, it creates tension and shows your partner that you don’t trust him. Just because he’s innocently texting a friend, or chatting with another female at work doesn’t mean that he wants her or that he is interested in her in any way. As long as he is faithful to you and respectful to your relationship, then you have nothing to worry about it. Don’t allow your insecurities to make him feel as if he is under lock and key. (Read 7 Ways To Keep Your Jealousy In Check)

Constant bickering

It took me a long time to realize just how damaging bickering can be to a relationship. It may not seem like much, but those bad feelings add up and they can cause a lot of negativity and resentment. Your partner shouldn’t have to constantly worry about walking on eggshells in front of you in fear that anything they say or do will set you off and cause an argument. You never want to allow small issues to ruin your day with your partner. If absolutely necessary, calmly mention the issue to your partner, discuss it, and move on. 


Are you guilty of any of these acts?
What else do you believe is damaging to a relationship?

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